A Holistic guide to Indian Education

There was this old black and white film Metropolis, about post industrial revolution life of factory workers. In the opening scene of the masterpiece, a very interesting metaphor is presented- the factory workers are compared to logs in the system, as nuts and bolts- almost as if they’re automated bots, programmed to follow instructions. As their shift ends, they go back to the factory tired, and a new batch emerges. A more suitable observation could not be drawn about the current state of education.

Holistic has a very special meaning as in ‘Holy fuck imma stick it to the students’.

Score well in 10th and you are compelled forced to take up sciences. Now I chose this field on my own accord but I have scores of friends who didn’t, science was shoved down their throats, blasphemously and against their will.

They say when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. What do you do when it also takes away the lemon squeezer. That is what the education system is effectively doing.

You could argue that the education system is doing just fine. That we are still producing world class academia. To you my reply is that yes we are. But these ‘great students’ are despite the education system not because of it. They are squeezing the lemons with their own hands

The Indian education system can be best summarised as islands of excellence in a sea of mediocrity.

I wished to end this post on a more happy note. I couldn’t think of anything….Can you?


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