Plight of Indian TV

The Plight of Indian Daily Soaps

It’s been a week now”, my sister proclaimed in astonishment, how long will she remain kidnapped?”

A little context- it is almost half past nine, and as the family tradition goes, we are at the dinner table, eating our last meal of the day. What my sister is referring to is the never-ending TV drama Kumkum Bhagya.

Now usually I regard what my family watches in the name of tele soaps with cynicism, scrutinizing and usually outright ignoring what is happening, and the fact that my sister was asking the very same logical questions that made me question the baseless premise of these shows did not really surprise me much.

So I am writing this post, wondering if Television as we know it obselete. In the age of the internet, it is surely dying, desperately trying to extend its lifetime, throwing every trick in the bag at you, yet still managing to repel a whole generation of content hungry hogs in the process.

Well the spiking interest of youngsters in web-series and the growing influence of internet content makers, may them be indegenious production houses like TVF or daughter corporation of existing entertainment giants like YRF and Balaji certainy seems to suggest so.

So are web-series the future of TV or just a fad that will blur away on the screens of time (pun totally intended).

Well remain tuned in for the second part of the post to find out.

See the second paet of the blog here.


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