The Non IITians

Non IITians

Buddhism, one of the major religions of Asia, is built on he premise of the soul escaping the body. Sitting at the last bench in my moral education class, I used to think how would it feel to escape from the body. How would it feel to be free in its purest sense. Nonetheless we got a slight taste of it when the six gory hour long ruckus of JEE Advanced concluded on 21 May.

You could almost feel what a weightless brain feels like and what its like to have leisure time. Time devoted to you and yourself alone. The two year circus of head banging, four years for some, came to an end. The fashion you gave your advanced in dosen’t matter that much now. Some days it surely doesn’t. But as your nerve cells begin acclimatizing to this new found atmosphere, a thought incepts within you. Its not the the first time this thought has hit you. You almost feel sitting across a capacitor with this thought like current passing through you. (Yeah another engineering joke ;p ). And as you progress towards saturation this charge/ thought keeps increasing in amount. What I am talking about is the thought of college. This the thought for which you started the circuit of preparation.

They taught us a similar concept of photons falling on a metal plate. Only those photons who had energy greater than work function of metal possessed ability to eject a electron. This doesn’t need much effort to translate in a language a non medical student feels. Only those who cleared the threshold of sacrifice and practice could make them selves worthy of a seat.

But what about those who are left behind By IITs.

A person who isn’t much familiar with Indian college scenario consider IIT the epitome of knowledge. But we clearly know the same isn’t true. After a few old IIT you can witness colleges like BITS and DTU peeking out of the forbidden window. Almost invisibly working to end the dominance of IITs . But what if you are behind their cutoff as well. What if You never were able to sit for JEE Advanced. Is the bubble the society builds around STEM fields- the bubble of lavish cars and abroad job- pricked for you?.

A very foolish person or a very ignorant parent would tell you this. I know you expect me to say that private colleges are equally good and its not the college that matters but what you study that matters but this record has been played enough.

What if I tell you that there is a college that will give you your dream Google job of a 125K$ salary. And for all physics and chemistry haters good news,its entrance only requires maths .The Institute I am talking about is none other than ISI Kolkata. Founded by Professor P.C. Mahalanobis in Kolkata on 17th December, 1931, the institute gained the status of an Institution of National Importance by an act of the Indian Parliament in 1959.

The Headquarters of ISI is located in the northern fringe of the metropolis of Kolkata. Additionally, there are four centres located in Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai and Tezpur. Research in Statistics and related disciplines is the primary activity of the Institute. Teaching activities are undertaken mainly in Kolkata, Delhi and Bangalore. Offices of the Institute located in several other cities in India are primarily engaged in projects and consultancy in Statistical Quality Control and Operations Research’.

Days after the exam are usually me rushing to the game parlour as soon as I get up. These surreal graphics of FIFA or GTA 5 never fail to amaze me. I am always in awe of the precesion these graphic artist possess. Well graphic designing is a rising art in this VR world. NID or the National Institute of Design is an institute that offers such courses. The National Institute of Design (NID) is a design school in Ahmedabad, India. The institute functions as an autonomous body under the Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, government of India. NID is recognised by the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research under Ministry of Science and Technology, government of India, as a scientific and industrial design research organisation.

As a result of the Industrial Policy Resolution of 1953, the government of India invited the design team of Charles and Ray Eames to recommend a programme of design to serve as an aid to small industries in India. On the basis of their document, ‘The India Report’, the government of India set up the National Institute of Design in 1961 as an autonomous national institution for research, service and training in industrial design and visual communication.

It basically all boils down to this,

  Have a will that never breaks,

 Go on do whatever it takes. 

       To be at the zenith, to be at the pinnacle of success,

     Don’t deter, Don’t lose hope, and you will see your progress!!

This is the first installment of our series the Non IITians initiated by this blog’s co-founder Dhruv Bhagat.

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